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Mini cookbooks released – the 1. and 2. volumes.

Hey – we have a good news for all fans of ROBI „meat“. Two mini-cookbooks just came out: Volume I.: INTERNATIONAL CUISINE and Volume II.: SOUP AND STARTERS. Collect points from products packagings and send them to the Eurobi company so that you could get these cook-brochures. You can learn new ways of culinary art and try new recipes, such as CHOP-SUEY – which could be called „heaven in your mouth“. (In case you are so eager and do not want to collect points, you may immediately buy each mini cookbook for 25 crowns.













Odměna za 10 získaných bodů

For those who do not want to spend money on the cookbooks but instead want to buy one of the Robi products directly and send the points from packagings to get a cookbook brochure, we have the following information:


Collect 10 points and send them to our company Eurobi Ltd, Nádražní 371, Újezd u Brna, 664 53 (enclose your email address), and we will send you a small paperback cookbook.

Five volumes of these small cookbooks will be issued and each volume will contain different recipes.


The first volume, titled International Cuisine, is coming out soon.


You can look forward to interesting recipes: Robi appetizers, starters, salads, soups, hot meals, desserts as well as readers' own recipes. The five volumes may boost your competitive motivation.

When sending collected points, do not forget to mention which volume of the cookbook do you have, or whether you want the same volume again, for example for your friends.


New Robi cookbook

In the end of March a ceremonial launching of a new Robi cookbook took place: We cooked for the Czech Lion, or we were in the Rye.


This cookbook not only brings about a hundred recipes, most of which were part of the Bohemian Lion menu in the last ten years, but also offers advice and information on how to prepare meals from Robi and also a large number of inspiring photos.

The price of the Cookbook is CZK 190 or CZK 240 (for a DVD, where Chef Mr. Koudelka demonstrates how to work with Robi and how to prepare Robi meals).


Physical activity for your health


FITKO lila (fitness club for women in Brno) offers comprehensive range of ROBI products for special introductory prices. More...

FITKO lila offers the most advanced and effective methods for weight loss and body shaping: VacuShape vacuum system, vibration training on PowerPlate machines and BodyRoll massage device, in addition to classic training on professional fitness and cardio machines.


The fitness facilities are perfectly designed to create a pleasant environment, and offer a wide range of possibilities how to effect your body shape. You will find here the best what the market offers. More...