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Eurobi spol. s r.o. (Ltd, Inc.), producer of Robi meat

Eurobi Ltd. is a Czech producer of the well-known Robi meat substitute. If you want to find out what Robi mixture contains and how to use it in a kitchen, you can find everything on this site.


Robi is specially prepared mixture consisting of wheat protein, beetroot, water and spices, that can be used as substitute for meat.




The main advantages:


We would like to introduce to you our products and inspire you with many vegetarian recipes using Robi.


Why Robi? The following is an expert opinion by  Ludmila Oliveriusová, PhD.

Doctors constantly remind us that we should reduce fats and sugars in our diet, watch our weight, reduce energy intake. They keep saying: Increase the proportion of vegetable protein in your diet at the expense of the animal and so forth.  
A possible solution to meet these requirements is a vegetable protein diet. The best source of vegetable protein is legumes - lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas and so on. But these are not very popular in in our diet.  This problem can be easily solved by using so-called plant meat. Plant meat is made exclusively of vegetable materials (this is why the meat is in quotation marks), that  are processed in such a way so that they resemble meat.

To incorporate the plant meat into your diet may have health as well as culinary benefits.
- Exclusively of vegetable origin
- No fat or cholesterol
- High in fibre
- Low energy value
- Easy to flavour

The biggest advantage of Robi is its low energy value - 100g of Robi vegetable mixture has only around 500 kJ, while 100 grams of beef has 860 kJ, and pork 1500 kJ.