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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Food preparations

The ready-made food products are perfect for preparing meatless as well as meat meals, depending on your imagination.


The basic method of preparing a meal using Robi food is very simple: Rinse the robi slices or strips with cold water and let drip dry.

The slices and strips can be flavoured, for example with mix of broth, white wine, vegeta (all purpose spice), salt, chilli, lemon juice and so on. You may find inspiration in our recipes.

Remember that Robi food is slightly salted. Robi may be boiled, stewed or processed in any way as any other food.   

Robi may be deep fried in batter or in breadcrumbs.
Robi does not need to be boiled (like meat). You may add slices or strips  just before finishing your dish and only heat them.
Even in case of stir-fried Chinese dishes you only need to add Robi strips just before finishing.
When adding to meat dishes, cook the dish together with meat and add Robi just before finishing. Robi absorbs heat as well as flavour.
Robi has been boiled in the production process and so it may be used cold in salads or various spreads.


Unflavoured ovals

Unflavoured ovals Preparation product without salt or flavour, applicable for various dishes, such as Robi slices with ginger, oranges or pepper, marinated in a mustard mix or honey, with jasmine rice; they may be deep-fried in Paris batter, beer batter and so on...


Slices Basic product for steaks, medallions, goulashes, stews and similar.


Mincemeat The minced product especially suited for meatloafs, homemade burgers, stuffed peppers or various spreads.


Strips Perfect ready-to-cook product for meals inspired by Chinese or Indian cuisine. Robi strips are also suitable for salads.