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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Ready meals

Szeged goulash from Robi

Szeged goulash from Robi Immensely popular Szeged goulash in meatless form – we know you enjoy it.

Flamendr (spicy ROBI pork mix) !NEW!

Flamendr spicy ROBI pork mix NEW A delicious delicacy, also an excellent post New Year´s Eve remedy and hangover cure.

Steak tartare

Steak tartare Distinctive delicacy in an unorthodox form, best enjoyed with beer or wine.

Robi Chinese style

Robi Chinese style Chinese style dish is a favourite low-calorie dish – served with fresh vegetables, it can be prepared in many variations.

Burger with sauerkraut

Burger with sauerkraut Extraordinary and delicious combination of burgers and sauerkraut. A traditional Moravian treat for the gourmet palate.


Burger Traditional Czech ROBI karbanatek, ideal for those who are too busy to cook and need a quick meal. Our vegetarian burgers will surprise you with their delicious taste.

Breaded pork steak

Breaded pork steak Nothing is easier than to heat our ready-to-eat ROBI schnitzel and enjoy it with a good side dish.

Ovals in marinade

Ovals in marinade Flavoured (marinated) preparation, ideal for the barbecue. They may be deep fried in batter or in breadcrumb coatings. Marinades used (marinade which we use for marinating ovals) are the vegi-grill, herb and oyster mushroom ones.

Robi Carpaccio

Robi Carpaccio Savory Italian ROBI carpaccio, where the slices of raw beef are substituted with fine shavings of Robi plant protein.