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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Blue cheese spread (Niva spread)

Ready-to-eat vegetarian spread with blue cheese, suitable for sandwiches, pastries or platters.

>> Energy value: 881 kJ
>> Proteins: 14,69 g
>> Carbohydrates: 8,09 g
>> Fats: 13,43 g
>> Cholesterol: 7 mg

Energy and nutritional values per 100 g of the product.



Robi (water, wheat protein, beetroot, salt, natural colouring: caramel), butter spread (sour cream, milk powder, whey powder, potato starch, salt), processed cheese (cheese, cream, water, butter, buttermilk powder, melting salt, vegetable fibre, salt), Niva blue cheese (milk, salt, dairy culture, mould), vegi vegi spice mixture.



Ready-to-eat food intended for immediate consumption.


Delivered in chilled packages:

Retai:1pc / 0,15kg, carton package 36 pcs / 5,4kg
Gastro medium: 1pc / 1kg
Gastro large: requires advanced order +420 607 887 491


Minimum storage life:

Chilled preparations: 5°C / 5 days.