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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health


Perfect ready-to-cook product for meals inspired by Chinese or Indian cuisine. Robi strips are also suitable for salads.

>> Energy value: 523 kJ / 125 kcal
>> Proteins: 20,8 g
>> Carbohydrates: 10,76 g
>> Fats: 1,7 g
>> Salt: 0,78 g

Energy and nutritive value per 100 g of the product.


Wheat protein, beetroot, water, salt, natural dye: caramel.


Applicable for deep-frying, stewing, boiling as well adding to salads.

Delivered chilled or frozen in packs:

Gastro small: 1pc / 1kg, carton package: 15pcs / 15 kg
Gastro medium: 1pc / 3kg, carton package: 5pcs / 15 kg
Gastro large:  1pc / 5 kg in large vacuum bags


Minimum storage life:

Chilled preparations: 5°C / 21 days.

Frozen preparations: - 6°C / 1 week; -12°C / 1 month; -18°C / 13 months

The thawed products must be consumed immediately. Do not refreeze!


The product received the KLASA award by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic for fulfilling seven high-standard requirements.

KLASA - classification of national quality mark

The product also may use the logo Vím, co jím (Choices programme): The overall objective of the programme is to encourage healthy consumer choices and healthy product innovation so that the nutritional content of food products is in line with the set of internationally-qualifying criteria.