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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Lasagne with Robi and vegetables

Who doesn´t know Italian lasagne! With the Robi meat, you will discover new ways of preparing this outstanding pasta dish.

10 servings:

500 g Robi strips 

300 g Lasagne

200 g fried vegetables mix

200 g pepper stew

150 g onions

150 g ketchup

200 g Edam or Gouda

150 g oil

80 g butter

Herbs de Provence


Bechamel sauce:

100 g plain flour

100 g butter

1 l of milk



Boil the Lasagne for 2-3 minutes in salted water with a little oil. Drain in a colander and add a little oil to prevent them from sticking.

Cut one half of Robi strips into small cubes, mince the other half.

Sauté finely chopped onion, add chopped Robi, heat through and stir in stewed peppers, ketchup, boiled vegetable mixture and ground Robi, season with all-purpose seasoning and let cool down.

Prepare Bechamel sauce: In a saucepan, slowly heat the butter over medium-low heat until melted. Add the flour and stir until it turns a light golden color. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour warmed milk, whisking continuously. Put the saucepan back on the stove again and bring the sauce to boil, stirring constantly. Cook about 15-20 minutes. Add salt and season with nutmeg.

On a buttered baking dish consist of recurrent layers:

1) Béchamel sauce put the pan on the bottom, cooked lasagne, Robi mixture, Béchamel sauce, sprinkle with cheese

2) lasagne, Robi mixture, Béchamel, sprinkle with cheese, lasagne

3) two or three layers of the same the last layer gives .... lasagne with Bechamel and sprinkle with grated cheese.


Lay the remaining slices of butter on the top and bake at 220 ° C for about 30-35 minutes - depending on the thickness of the layers.  
Serve with a salad of fresh vegetables.