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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Robi in Chinese style

Mixed vegetables with Robi strips. Tasty and light lunch.

10 servings:


700 g Robi strips

200 g food oil

300 g red pepper

150 g leeks

100 g peanuts

300 g cabbage

200 g green peppers

100 g onion

150 g of soy sauce

50 g of starch

50 g Vegeta (all purpose seasoning)

30 g of garlic

100 g  white wine

100 g broth

50 g hot peppers


Sprinkle the Robi strips with oil and season them with soy sauce, crushed garlic and all-purpose seasoning (Vegeta). Leave the strips 1-3 hours in the marinade.

Cut the cabbage into cubes, let them simmer for a short times and rinse with cold water. 

Sauté the sliced vegetable and the cabbage in hot oil, add marinated Robi strips and the peanuts. Heat the mix, and pour in the dressing prepared from the soy sauce, white wine, broth and starch. Let it cook through. If need be, add chopped hot pepper, salt, soy sauce and broth to refine consistency and taste.  

Serve with rice or couscous.