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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Tomatoes stuffed with Robi mousse

Delicious tomatoes stuffed with savoury Robi meat mousse is a perfect complement to your festive table as a healthy appetizer.

10 servings


Robi mousse:

150 g butter

80 g melted cheese

100 g grated blue cheese (Niva)

100 g minced Robi


10 pcs of tomatoes

Garnishing: cucumbers, black olives, red peppers, parsley


Slice off the top of a hard tomato, about one third of the way down, remove the flesh and seeds with a spoon and dry with a paper towel. Carefully slice off the bottom of the tomato so that it stands safely. Fill the hollowed tomato with the Robi mousse.

Make the mousse mixing all the ingredients together into a compact mash. Season with spices to taste.

Garnish the tops of the tomatoes with bits of cucumber, black olives, triangle of multi-coloured peppers or parsley leaves.