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Robi ­ Your Easy Way to Health

Why eat Robi

Robi mixture is intended for all those who want or need to reduce meat consumption, to reduce fat and cholesterol intake, who follow a special diet, want to lose weight or just want to change their eating habits for the better.


Robi is made solely from vegetable materials and therefore it is suitable for vegetarians as well as for vegans, and OF COURSE also for the general public.

Its energy value is very low, thus making Robi an ideal food for weight reducing diet.

The outstanding features of Robi mixture enables it to be seasoned in an original and interesting way and thus it may be a great basis for many meatless, vegetarian and vegan recipes.


Why eat Robi

It has a low energy value

It is microbiologically clean

All the products are heat-treated

It is suitable for diabetics

It contains no synthetic dyes and preservatives

It contains no animal protein

It is an ideal meat substitute

It contains no fat, cholesterol, and soy

It is low in carbohydrates

It is easily digestible and does not lack essential nutrients

It is made ​from plant materials

Its use is simple and fast


Robi mixture is not only tasty, but also it is easily digestible and does not lack essential nutrients. Robi is in many ways beneficial in the terms of a healthy eating lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means not only healthy eating, it is the lifelong care of our health, and therefore the food should be a pleasure, not a punishment. Robi is the ideal food which allows you to enjoy a healthy meal without remorse.


Robi differs from other meat and vegetarian products in many ways:

» low energy value - 523 kJ / 100 g

» contains no fat and cholesterol

» contains no animal materials

» contains no soy, glutamate, synthetic dyes and preservatives

» contains no residues of antibiotics

» it is heat-treated, and thus microbiologically clean

» low carbohydrate

» easily digestible and non-flatulent

» does not lack essential nutrients

» helps to maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels



Health-beneficial effects:

» suitable for diabetics

» beneficial in atherosclerosis, cholesterol, diabetic or reducing diet

» low in saturated fatty acids

» beneficial in the prevention of early sclerotic changes, cancer and so called „diabetic foot“ (complications of diabetes mellitus)

» provides vegetarians with adequate amount of protein and nucleotides

» thanks to easy digestibility, it is suitable for seniors, and may replace meat and legumes



Preparing meals with Robi is amazingly simple:

» Robi resembles meat not only in the appearance but also in the taste

» fast and easy preparation, saving time and energy

» does not have to be soaked, unlike the soy

» when heat-treated, it does not reduce its volume or weight

» defrosted, the structure of Robi keeps unchanged, unlike meat 3% weigh loss

» ideal substitute for meat, complete or partial

» can be prepared in the same way as meat – it may be cooked, stewed, fried, grilled

» can also be used in cold state in salads or spreads

» Robi can be invariably combined with vegetables, fruit (a combination of fruit and Robi is for example in sushi), or with meat